A Black Beer Packaging Combined with NFC and AR Technology can Chat with You

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In the Black Beer project, black is a skull character from the smart label. A drinker can chat with it by using a mobile app. During the chat, it can get customer’s emotion.

Talkin’Things offers creative concept and artworks for AR and software development, NFC technology. The smart labels are produced by MCC.

The smart labels become trigger which can start to enhance the experience of reality without extra marks. The skull on the label can chat with customers when they scan the smart label via a mobile app on their smartphones. The facial recognition function can detect clients are sad or happy and make a communication for the next step. The AR scene is changeable in term of the answer provided to questions asked by the skull.

The smart labels show how to contact with clients by facial recognition and AR, combining with the dynamic scenarios depending on customer’s emotion to achieve advanced smart packaging.

“We can provide a new solution for clients to totally change the products and change the way that contacted with clients, due to the combination of the technology and create service from Talkin’Things and our ability to make labels,” said Craig Miller, president of NA CPG at MCC.

Besides, the NFC smart label is applied to bottle’s neck, offering a proof of purchase option for 2-stage communication with end customers. It can also identify when the bottle has been opened to offer different information for clients.

“We can offer brand new experience before and after shopping with AR technology for clients,” said Marcin Pilarz, CEO at Talkin’ Things.

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