A company uses RFID technology to make self-service beer at resort possible

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Imagine no longer have to wait in line at the ski resort — especially when you are craving a beer.

Thanks to the witty developers of Pour My Beer, a company specializing in self-service beer services, the idea of using your season card to give you a pint of beer in your favorite mountain lodge is not so far away.

The company has developed a system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that have been installed in most lift tickets and season passes. Each machine is equipped with an RFID card reader, and consumers only need to connect their credit card and pass to pay for the beverage directly based on the amount of ounces.

Most people may think this is a good way, and other people think it is a bad idea. So, at Pour My Beer, boys and girls came up with an easy way to solve this: a system that limits each RFID card to two bottles of beer. Once the customer reaches their limits, the employee can use this system to determine if the customer is suitable for a few more pints.

A perfect skiing experience includes needn’t to wait in line at the bar, more drinks to choose from and a Bluebird POW day. Recently, these venues are using this RFID-based system, and the service that makes customers more satisfied is only a matter of time.

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