A New AI Retail Solution Improves Customers’ Shopping Experiences

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Rubikloud Technologies, a leader in retail artificial intelligence (AI) all over the world, announced that it will cooperate with Intel. In order to enhance the shopping experience for customers, they will start to work in AI solution. In term of a recent research of Juniper Research, in 2022, global retail spending on AI will increase by 7.3 billion dollars, higher than 2 billion dollars in 2018.

Retailers will pay more attention to AI tools, that makes them distinguish and improve the service they offered in the coming years. Automated marketing platform can generate customized offers in time and provide products to customers with the price they want to pay.

The advantages of Intel in cloud technology are simplifying and improving store operation. Combining with the loyalty and promotion data of Rubikloud, retailers can track how many stocks are in their warehouse rather than leaving the front of stores. The data also tell retailers how to avoid stock-outs and overstocking; which stores will first to promote which products; and many other ways to improve sales.

Kerry Liu, CEO of Rubikloud, said: “Rubikloud and Intel create a powerful solution for retailers, which can compete and develop in the automated world. Retails will find the huge improvement of sale revenue, inventory stock out rates and loyalty revenue.”

Stacey Shulman, Chief Innovation Officer in the Retail Solutions Division at Intel Corporation, said: “For retailers, the data from sensors in the store are more and more important, such as RFID tags and computer vision system. Combining the AI solution of Rubikloud with localized sensor data, retailers can gain richer insights in time.”

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