A New Low-cost Wiegand Switch in RFID-based Access Control System

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Nancy   March 26, 2018

Today, UHF RFID-based car access systems are popular in closed communities, parking lots and so on, but the cost is still too high. RFID readers are deployed at entrances and exits, and these readers cost as much as $1,000 or more, which also puts a lot of pressure on users. Recently, FEIG Electronics has developed a low-cost solution that reduces the cost of installation: a Wiegand Switch that allows a single reader to cover two access doors.

“The new products are aimed at the growing smart access control market. This switch product is designed to provide companies with an affordable RFID-based solution that eliminates the need to deploy RFID readers at every access point or door.” said Mike Hrabina, executive vice president of Feig Electronics.

The system can be equipped with a RFID reader and connected via two channels to control the two doors of the parking lot or gated community. Hrabina said that the price of the switch is one-tenth that of a card reader, which can be installed with the card reader in the access panel.

When the vehicle approaches the gate, the antenna reads the tag’s unique ID number, and the switch forwards the antenna’s signal to the reader. Then, the system will judge whether the data is received from the first antenna or the second antenna.

The switch comes in a housing measuring approximately 4 inches by 3.5 inches by 8 inches and is mounted by using DIN rail. Hrabina said that the deployment of two RFID readers normally costs 3500 to 5000 US dollars. With the Wiegand switch, the cost can be reduced by half.

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