A RFID Solution for Child Theft Threat at Chennai Hospital

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Aiming to infant thefts, Egmore’s Government Hospital for Women and Children will put the radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on babies. If they are moved out, the security door will send an alert. Two years after the state health department introduced baby RFID tag in Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai following a directive by a Madras high court bench, the project has been expanded to Chennai now.

There are RFID tags that can be reused on baby’s ankles, and their mothers and other families will wear the tags around the necks. Doctor T K Shanti Gunasingh, the heads of the hospital, said: “We have installed a RFID reader on the entry of the main building. If babies leave the building as far as 50 meters, the reader will send an alert. It’s the only way that mothers and other families enter and leave the building with babies.”

An official said, in order to make the tracking system perfect, the staff in the hospital will take photos of each baby and each mother and other families with babies. Then staff will input these photos to software. A CCTV is installed near the RFID reader which will be monitored in a control room that set up for the aim by all day.

A senior health official, who is overseeing the implementation of the project in Chennai and Madurai, said: “It’s to ensure that the tags on mother and other families are not easy to be removed unlike the devices on the babies and aren’t worn by anyone else. If a face that never appears in our system passes the scanner with a tag, the scanner will also send an alert.”

An official said the system that designed by Anna University will be ready within three months. Last year, the government had sanctioned Rs 2.5crore for the project. In term of the data of State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB), lest 5 kids are lost in this state every day and 2586 kids are lost only in Chennai between 2011 and 2015.

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