AbiBird-A IoT App for the Elderly

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With the ageing of the population in many cities, the demand for medical personnel and medicines has also increased. However, combining with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, medical devices can provide more personalized care and support for patients who need continuous monitoring and automated management of treatment. The use of IoT technology can simplify the treatment process and reduce the pressure on the medical staff.

With a low power wide area (LPWA) network, IoT solutions can meet these demands. LPWA is ideal for providing remote coverage, supporting low-cost and low-power devices with long battery life. The LPWA IoT solution not only reduces the cost of tracking equipment and consumables but also generates data for managing inventory and supporting procurement. Sigfox’s LPWA network now covers Hong Kong’s 60% market, therefore wearable safety alert devices, GPS trackers, fall monitoring wristbands, home service buttons, and care monitoring devices are developing, but innovation in this area is still in its infancy.

In the new solution that is currently undergoing actual testing, AbiBird developed in Australia is the world’s first IoT service to support the local elderly population. The sensors track the “normal” daytime and nighttime activities of the elders at home and send this data to the smartphones of their families. When the activity stops or when the normal procedure is exceeded, the sensor will send an alert.

What makes AbiBird unique is its ability to provide wireless, unobtrusive monitoring, without the need to wear a device, or connect network or phones. AbiBird operates on the SigFox LPWA‘s global IoT to connect sensors and applications with security, low cost, low power, and high frequency.


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