Adidas’ NFC-enabled Balls Draw More Fans into the World Cup

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FIFA World Cup gathers millions of fans who show the interests in soccer and passions for their country every four years. But how do you drum up more interests in one of the most popular sports all over the world? Adidas and software company BlueBite bring some cutting-edge technologies such as NFC to the FIFA. Those technologies enable fans to know the exclusive game theme content.

BlueBite created software that inserted NFC function when Adidas offered balls. Fans can activate the special identifier via a smartphone to know the exclusive information about the World Cup, even the information about the ball itself. The software that designed by BlueBite can offer chances for fans to access the website and know the new content every day.

Rachel Furst, BlueBite’s director of Product Marketing, said to Digital Trends: “With the ball, fans can participate and be excited before the World Cup begin. Therefore, fans can face different challenges every day before the game. People can gain special videos of World Cup players or show their special ball celebrations, others can attach their favourite player’s photos on the ball.”

Adidas’ NFC-enabled World Cup balls are only for consumers usage, furthermore, it wouldn’t affect the game. Although, anyone doesn’t find the difference between the ball with a chip and without a chip when he/she kicks it.

Furst said: “The chip is lightweight and it doesn’t affect the weight and performance of balls. Besides, we have to make a sure that all the parts can work normally and wouldn’t become damaged, as well as prevent the ball to get wet and be affected by temperature or movement.”

The World Cup’s fans not only gain Adidas’ NFC-enabled balls in Russia but also can gain from the Adidas’s official website for $124. Host country Russia kicks off the global tournament on June 14 as it takes on Saudi Arabia.

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