Adidas will Make Videos for Runner in the Boston Marathon by RFID Technology and Cameras

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On April 16, Adidas will hold an activity called “Here to Create Legends” to celebrate the cooperation with the Boston Athletic Association for 30 years. Adidas will make 30,000 unique videos for each participants in the Boston Marathon.

The vedios will be made from the data on radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips attached to street mats and race bibs that transmit ultra-high frequency radio signals through antennas. Adidas works with Grow digital agency, which will make videos by 20 workers and 7 cameras.

The personalized videos will be offered in several hours after the game finished. Runner will receive an e-mail to access their videos. They also can access the game’s website and research videos by bibs number. These videos will be integrated with film music and game scene.

Adidas shows that marketing workers are getting more ambitious with video efforts as digital technology becomes more advanced for the efforts of Boston Marathon. In this activity, the videos integrated with traditional cameras and RFID technology are helping brand make personalized videos at scale in a short time.

An Association of National Advertisers survey found that 44% markting workers are turning to technology like 360-degree video, RFID, virtual reality and beacons to support their sponsorships. The combination of top technology and social media can help brand improve awareness and set up communication with clients at the key moment before, during and after a sponsorship.

Adidas always devotes itself to personalization in other ways. It launches a new app that offers personalized shopping and customized service on mobile devices by using Salesforce technology and artificial intelligence (AI). According to Accenture, about half of U.S. clients are more possible to purchase from brands that personalize their experiences.

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