AdvanTech Plans to Apply LEB RFID Technology in RTLS

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Nancy   2018/01/08

Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB) RFID supplies extensive fucations and real-time data to Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), while it doesn’t need high cost, antennas and intrusive specialty reader. Micro beacons solve the historical limitation of passive RFID, including the limilated signal receive through water, metal and thick concrete walls or floors.

AdvanTech, a company in Maryland that has been set up since 1996. They have combined many technologies with variety industries successfully. This company has more than 85 years experience in the army, healthcare, supply chain of educational institutions, IT area and logistics. This company is a leader of offering reliableb and innovative products, sulotion and service.

AdvanTech develops suitable beacons appearance by its own technology expertise, micro reader needn’t power and internet connection wire. The back-end read point controller software of this company includs the business rule defined by user to make sure the operation in detail. And it will generate automatic alert messages and compile performance data to sure that improves business area.

There are three main factors are enable to make this technology possible except cost. First, making sure that the location of goods in the real place inside several inches. Second, more efficient battery management that measure by year. Third, the smart phone will become the hold-held reader.

“At present, we can develop specialized form factors to better combine the LEB beacons into the propertys being tracked.” says Robert Bona, CEO and GM

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