Airports Use RFID Technology to Track Baggage

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An Italian company has developed a new tag technology which equipped RFID tag with each baggage to track them in real time. It will end the billions of cost of the lost or delayed baggage and security risk for airlines.

The RFID scanners on conveyor belts can scan the RFID tags attached on baggage and reroute them when they are sent to wrong direction. It greatly improves the method of scanning the barcode from the industry standard since 90’s.

This technology is embedded in ticket printer that developed by the company. The company uses special tag paper with RFID chips. The antenna encodes and reads the unique information in each tag which used to track baggage in the transportation. RFID technology automatically identifies and tracks the tags attached to baggage by using electromagnetic fields. The passive tag collects energy by interrogating radio waves from nearby RFID reader. The active tag has local power likes battery and can work hundreds of metres from the RFID reader.

Carlo Stradi, Custom Group CEO and President, said: “With the development of technology, using RFID technology is safer than the standard barcode. In the airports, clients will get tag implanted with RFID chip as same as before, and the chip can be read with 100 per cent assurance.”

The new RFID tag looks same as the old baggage tag, but the new one brings the extra benefit that the baggage accuracy rate reach 99.9 per cent.

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