Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association Raises a New Resolution

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The Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA) will work with Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) on a proposed new project of the provincial producer check-off. They have made a negotiation during the 2018.

The New Era Beef Industry (NEBI) Agreement splits the 2 dollars per head levy charged on every cattle sold. This proposal was one of the main issues recently discussed at the ACFA’s annual general meeting held in Red Deer, Alta.

In the meeting, there are many other resolutions introduced from the feeders and approved. Among these, the ACFA resolved to lobby the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to use RFID technology. In that way, businesses and consumers can gain more information about beef that stored on RFID chips in the beef chain. A related resolution supported the use of higher frequency RFID tags.

As long as the RFID tag is affixed to the product, businesses and consumers can gain information by scanning the tag, such as the source of the product, temperature, and so on. RFID technology can achieve the visualization of products in the beef chain and make it easy to manage products for businesses. At the same time, consumers can buy the product more confidently when they know more about it.

Other resolutions urged the ACFA to lobby federal the and provincial government to decrease the corporate tax on Alberta businesses by 6 percent to keep them competitive with the United States, and to remove supply management in the poultry and dairy sectors.

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