Alibaba put an end to fakes by using NFC and RFID technology

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Alibaba is an e-commerce giant. With the development of mobile payment and technology, alibaba has gradually extended to some innovation areas like new financial and new retail.

According to foreign media reports, recently Alibaba has invested in SmarTrac technology company, an NFC and RFID components leading suppliers, will use NFC and RFID tag anti-counterfeiting traceability for the major brands to provide protection and certification capabilities. In order to solve the phenomenon of rampant fakes on the platform.

SmarTrac’s Smart Cosmos platform enables the brand to create a unique digital identity by using NFC technology, and then embeds the chip when producing the product. This product digital identity only can be issued by the brand, can not be forged, copied, stolen or lost. As a result, it provides consumers with complete control and visibility of the authenticity of each product throughout it lifecycle.

In addition, brand owners can provide their customers with exclusive content and dynamic information through the NFC and RFID tags to increase customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction. Consumers simply touch their NFC phones to read them.

As we all know, Ant Financial Services Group and other Internet giants are actively layout new retail business, and try to apply artificial intelligence and other new technologies to the field. And the application of RFID technology will be more used in commodity identification, traceability and brand security, Ali’s investment in SmarTrac may also be a prospect in this regard.

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