Alibaba’s Mobile App Offers Convenient Shopping Experience for Clients

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Nancy   2018/03/05

Amazon has adjusted the location’s “just walk out” system for 10 months since Amazon debuted its Amazon Go cashierless store concept to the public. The system uses driverless car technology to charge and detect a person for a product when it’s removed from shelf and store. However, less retailers might know that Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos isn’t the first retailer to execute such a concept.

Jack Ma, founder and executive president of China-based retailer and technology company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., already has operated a similar concept in some small stores. China’s BingoBox stores use RFID technology to detect what a person is walking out with and charge them while the items are being scanned upon exit. Although the technology that Amazon Go adopts is different from Jack Ma’s, there is a same goal in both companies. In term of Technode, the technology may be replaced by cameras with image-recognition technology that can scan and charge.

Supermarkets are said to be the “purest form of Alibaba’s ambitions to combine online with offline”. According to Alibaba’s news site, supermarket can offer a “more flexible and efficient” shopping experience for clients. Hema powers everything by mobile devices: After downloading an app, clients can scan the barcodes of items to gian more information of products and recommended items, then to pay for them.

In the U.S., the grocery store vertical has been very active in adopting mobile commerce that includs self-checkout apps, mobile order for pick-up, and on-demand delivery. Walmart and Amazon are leaders in the charge. Walmart continues to expand its successful Scan and Go mobile app to meet clients’ demands by looking for a seasonable, convenient, and seamless payment process.

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