Ams AG Introduces NFC Smart Sensor IC

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Nancy   2017/12/19

Ams AG, the world’s leading provider of high-performance sensor solutions, today announced the AS39513, an NFC sensor tag and data logger integrated circuit. It can be used in smart tags to achieve motnoring more efficiently and correctly for food, medicine and healthcare product in the process of transportation and storage.

The new device with an NFC front-end is a complete digital sensor, integrated easyly into smart tags. Any authorized NFC reader, such as a smartphone or tablet, not only can read the unique ID stored in its internal memory, but also the recorded temperature and other data.

The AS39513 provides a complete solution for temperature monitoring and NFC connectivity including an NFC front-end, a temperature sensor, and an analog interface connected with an external sensor. Other integrated functions on this chip include a real-time clock, a 10-bit ADC, a configurable data logging engine, a 9kbit password-protected EEPROM and a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) connected with an external microcontroller. The AS39513 accepts bumping bare chip or chip size package, and the thickness of it is only 0.3 mm.

The AS39513 is powered by a single cell (standard 1.5V) or dual cell (3V) battery, it can store 1020 sensor measurements with time stamping. The product is fully compliant with the standards of ISO15693 and NFC-V (T5T) and can be read by NFC phones within a few centimeters. The reading range can be extend to 1-2 meters by using a dedicated ISO15693 reader.

The new AS39513 replaces the Amicus SL13A sensor tag, it comes with better temperature sensor performance and provides ± 0.5 ° C accuracy over the critical -20 ° C to 10 ° C, and provides ± 1 ° C accuracy from the range from -20 ° C to 55 ° C.

Cool-Log engine is one of AS39513’s major innovations. In standby, the AS39513 uses only 2μA of current and can autonomously record temperature data for more than one year with a single 30mAh battery. This superior low-power performance enables the use of smaller, cheaper batteries and paves the road for a farm-to-table commodity tags application maeket. This chip operates in passive mode, acquiring energy from the reader’s RF field. It can supply current to external circuitry up to 4mA (1.8V).

Giancarlo Cutrignelli, the head of business marketing in Ams AG redio sensor business, said: “The AS39513 is a fully integrated smart wireless sensor that enables manufacturers, carriers and retailers to verify that medicines, foods and other products are properly stored and shipped. It allows related businesses in the supply chain to gain a detailed record of temperature and other conditions stored in a single package and reject the shipped products in necessary. ”

“In addition, it can help customers reduce costs on manufaction and meet the most serious requirement of environmental regulations by using of modern RFID assembly processes and printed batteries. For example, RoHS, REACH and EU Directive 2006/66 / EC enable smart sensor tags to achieve disposable usage and its eco-friendly, “added Giancarlo Cutrignelli.

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