Android Users can Enter to Live Events by Using Google Pay

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Sports fans with iPhones have always been scanning their tickets at the turnstile by using Passbook feature in Apple Wallet. Now Android users will be able to do the same by using Google Pay.

Google Pay will accept airline boarding passes and event tickets, due to the Android maker’s version of the same mobile wallet feature. It’s reported that Google has established a partnership with Eventbrite to introduce the function. Event companies will also add the Google Pay API to their apps.

Once a ticket added to Google Pay, passes will upgrade automatically and send information such as the change of studio, time or whether it will be cancelled to ticket holders. For sport, it means if the game is delayed, the sponsor will automatically send messages to Google Pay user the time of going to the baseball game.

Google Pay works based on Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing the phone to communicate with ticket scanners without physically touching a sensor. The operation of Google Pay likes Apple Pay, Google Pay can be compatible with any Android devices. Users can place their phones close to a sensor to scan the ticket. This is considered as a more convenient and secure technology.

Google Pay is a bit behind Apple Pay, but it is combined with the same function of Apple Pay and other mobile wallet applications. Mobile ticketing is on the rise. “In a decade, 50% fans will use their smartphones enter events,” said Greg Foster, Experience CEO, in last year.

However, Apple Pay still is a leader in this area. Apple came to an agreement with MLB to enhance its popularity that fans are able to enter into ballparks around the league by using their iPhones.

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