Apcoa Introduces Flow App and RFID Chip

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It is reported that Apcoa Parking offers new Flow smartphone app and radio frequency identification (RFID) chip system to more than ten thousands parking lots in Germany successfully.

After the app introduced, users can access parking lotS seamlessly without cash payment or parking ticket. This service can be used in 200 parking lots that chose by Apcoa in German. Apcoa Parking has a plan to equip Flow technology to other 100 parking lots in Germany and offer the technology to more than 230,000 parking spaces totally and more convenient parking service for German citizens.

When the users drive their cars close to the destination, the Flow app will quickly and intuitively display the nearest Flow parking lot, provide navigation services, and select the most convenient parking lot. This app can display other useful information such as the price of each parking space in the parking lot, activation time, capacity, and availability of electric vehicle charging stations. Due to adopting RFID technology, the RFID system can automatically identify the vehicle and allow it to pass when the vehicle is near the barrier. In addition, the application can also provide other functions in the near future, including parking reservations and street parking payment.

Users can download the Flow app on Android and Apple devices, log in to their account and order private Flow RFID chips, and then install them on their windshields. The system can accurately record each parking process, and its charge can be tied to the user’s credit card. Users can view their accounts at any time, and all parking operations of the system are transparent operations.

The company has signed the first comprehensive cooperation agreement with Sunhill Technologies, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS). As a result, public users can also receive non-contact parking and automatic parking payment services.

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