Application of RFID in Manufacturing Enterprise

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Nancy   2018/01/24

Compared with other automatic identification technology, RFID system has the characteristics of no contact, fast identification, adapting various work environments, high-speed and multi-label simultaneous identification and so on. And it has more extensive usages than other identification technologies, such as supply chain management, access control security systems and logistics systems.

In the traditional production and circulation aspects, the document is an essential part. However, in today’s large-scale production environment, a large number of document processing will not only reduce efficiency and increase labor costs, but also often due to human factors lead to various errors. The usage of RFID systems can be “document flow” into “data flow”, the usage of electronic transmission of information to all aspects and departments. It is fast and the error rate is almost zero by using RFID system. Its implementation is very simple, just add an RFID tag on the product, and in a particular place to set up a dedicated read or write device.

If RFID label printing device is used, the product out of storage management using wireless detection device statistics; establishing and refining the finished product storage management functions; it improves shipping accuracy and reduces labor intensity and workload; at the same time, it significantly improves the accuracy of product traceability. Through the implementation of ERP-based RFID solutions to achieve integration of RFID identification products and ERP inventory, sales management. This not only achieves a refined management of products based on RFID tags, but also completes management of the product inventory status and sales flow through the ERP data flow.

When outer packaging with RFID tags on the goods into the warehouse, the identification system located at the entrance will store the goods information in the database. The goods with RFID tags on pile rack of the warehouse, so it is easy to find the target accurately and fast when delivering goods. Through the forklift RFID or handheld RFID terminal to manage the good inventory and receiving and delivery goods and so on. The RFID system at the exit of the warehouse automatically reads the target information and generates a delivery list.

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