Application of RFID in the process of pharmaceutical canning

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The global drug sourcing and distribution services company, Tuoye Logistics, has launched FastPakElite, a pharmacist-designed, automated oral pharmaceutical packaging tool that improves the accuracy of patient drug storage or dispensing plastic bags.
FastPakElite automates the packaging and storage of solid oral prescription drugs, using lock-in and factory-calibrated smart cans to accurately contain, count and dispense solid oral medications of virtually any shape and size. The pharmacist can put the smart can into the FastPakElite, and its internal RFID reader can read the RFID chip of the smart can. The chip‘s ID number is associated with the correct prescription drug package.

The tool has a specially designed user interface that, according to Tuoye Logistics, it simplifies the production process. The pharmacy technician can select the drug in the cohort and the tool can be dispensed into single and multi-dose packages at a rate of up to 60 bags per minute. An online pill cutter allows half-packs to be dispensed to reduce the cost associated with pill cutting and minimize the amount of time workers spend on pallet loading.

Tennessee’s Reeves-Sain family medical service, which has been using Tuoye’s automated packaging system for more than 15 years, has adopted the company’s new RFID system recently. “Our previous experience gave us a good perspective on what kind of Elite machines we need,” said LeeGolden, Ph.D., long-term care/family infusion pharmacy at Reeves-Sain Family Medical Services.

“We have been able to take advantage of efficiency, including improved packaging printing, reducing errors and skipping empty packages. Reduced pallet items by using RFID to achieve nearly 100% smart fill results. And have the ability to bypass drugs that cannot be filled in the cycle (return orders, out of stock, etc.), then select queue batches and eliminate interference to reduce time wastage. We are happy to see these feature enhancements, which can save time and money potential in the coming years.”

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