Arrow Electronics Acquires eInfochips to Advance Its Development in IoT Market

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Nancy   2018/01/03

Yesterday, Arrow Electronics announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire eInfochips, one of the largest managed and design services firms in the world.

Arrow Electronics supply products, solutions and services to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions all over the world. eInfochips works on chip design, product and IoT solution delivery, and across many industries such as retail, healthcare, industrial automation, and aerospace. eInfochips works with global Fortune 1000 firms at every phase of technology deployment, such as developing custom software and hardware and new IoT-based business models.

eInfochips will expand Arrow’s IoT “sensor-to-sunset” platform by eight methous, including adding engineering, embedded software development, solution architecture, security, app development, mobile device connectivity, cloud configuration and management, and managed services including big-data analytics.

Michael J. Long, president, chairman, and chief executive officer of Arrow, said: “Finishing this acquisition, eInfochips drives our IoT strategy, expands our offerings, and moves us into the rapidly growing IoT services market. Therefore, we will deliver complex and connected IoT solutions and technologies across multiple cloud platforms. This acquisition adds over 1,500 IoT solution engineers, architects, and software development resources to Arrow’s already leading position in IoT design services.”

“Arrow uses our industry-leading eDesign digital platform to redefin design engineering. Clients can work together with hundreds of engineers online at our official website. Our engineers can offer reference designs and cloud-based design tools to clients at our eDesign digital platform. Connecting our eDesign digital platform with IoT fucations and engineers of eInfochips, it will expand scale of eInfochips’ services, delivered by digital tools, to Arrow’s 125,000 customers.” said Matt Anderson, chief digital officer of Arrow.

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