Aruze announced signed an agreement with Walker to adopt its new RFID technology

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Aruze Gaming America Incorporated and casino games automation company Walker Digital Table Systems LLC signed a license agreement, the company will use the Walker Digital Table Systems technology, as a new set of radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, will help Aruze enter the casino chip market.

According to a press release from Aruze, the deal will enable it to use Walker Digital’s PJM3.0 radio frequency identification (RFID) chip technology, and the innovation of PJM3.0 will enable it to deliver up to 1,200 reading speeds per second. That’s three times as much as other chip-reading technology, which tracks casino chips while playing. PJM representative “phase jitter modulation”, it is said to provide a particularly robust and high frequency signal, make the technology of embedded chip are read faster when the labels, and safer than other forms of RFID tracking.

Aruze said it would use walker’s “industry-leading technology” to power a new line of gaming chips that can be tracked using RFID tags. Aruze plans to introduce its casino chips and RFID chips into the industry by the end of the year, and plans to install its first product at a casino venue in October.

“PJM3.0 is an RFID protocol that supports desktop gaming applications in the world’s largest casino and offers unparalleled game protection, data and performance,” Crossan said in a statement.

Walker Digital’s technology has also been licensed by Gaming Partners International Corp., a maker of casino chips.


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