ASAP Systems Integrates RIFD Technology into Its Asset Tracking System

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ASAP systems leads the asset tracking solution and inventory system, adopting RFID technology in BarClound-its cloud tracking system. With the new integrated RFID technology, scanning speed increases by 90%. Besides, the accuracy improves up to 95% and the manpower costs are reduced by 40%.

Elie Jean Touma, the president and CEO of ASAP Systems, said: “We use a modular design to develop our cloud application which can evaluate each client’s project and create cheap customed solutions for them.”

The BarClound of ASAP System offers a mobile app for browsers, as well as for Android and iPhone devices. The devices are connected with RFID handheld reader via Bluetooth. Companies are able to execute trade such as receiving and moving goods in less than 10% of the time than before. RFID reader can identify hundreds of goods with RFID chips at the same time to find discrepancy report in time. Workers can identify lost goods fast, therefore, common asset tracking app can track asset losses and reduce theft rate by about 70%.

Workers can scan several tags at the same time with RFID technology, therefore, fewer workers who need to track asset and the manpower cost reduces by more than 40%. Using smartphones and tracking devices can scan goods automatically to reduce human errors, therefore, the accuracy can reach 95% or higher!”

With rich experience, ASAP Systems devotes itself to meet a variety of unique customer requirements. Their highly-configurable and scalable barcode and RFID-based tracking system are designed to offer maximum ROI today and in the future.

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