Avast Announces New IoT Security Platform

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Nancy   2018/02/28

Avast, digital security product leader, announced the Smart Life platform yesterday. It is a new Internet of Things (IoT) security product to protect people’s digital lives.

By 2025, IoT will increase more than triple as many as 75 billion connected products, while manufacturers are under the pressure of offering fast smart devices with suitabel price to market. However, it offten means the security function is neglected. Smart Life platform handles the problem of unsecurity IoT devices and the issue that user easy to be attecked by internet.

One of the first product of Avast samrt home security that based on Smart Life platform will offer the visibility and securty of what happen in the client’s family network for them. The main funcations include the detection of privacy threats, botnets and malware, prevention of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and safe browsing. Samrt Life platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify and stop threat and offers service to clients and vendors by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modle. New products enable samll business and clients easily protect their network, data and IoT devices whether in the office, at home or on-the-go.

One of example of solution that how to test a threat is if samrt heating thermostat starts working on unnormal time and sending a number of data to unknow place, then Avast can take measure to close down attack and remind family the strange activity. Other funcations can be used, with the service introduced. Those funcations include the ability to pause internet visiting, limilt the screen time and add powerful contect filters.

The later of this year, user can directly get Avast Smart Home Sercurity by an easy to use moboile app along with a hub that connects to the home network. Avast also has a coorperation with vendor to offer joint products for their user.

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