Avery Dennison Launches A Plan of Smart Label

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Nancy   March 08, 2018

Avery Dennison has launched a plan that focus on the opportunity of smart label, especially RFID label. Avery Dennison is leading manufacturer of label materials, stickers, retail apparel labels and office supplies.

Its smart label integrates the application portfolio from suppliers. The aim of the plan is supporting to develop smart label and picking opportunity of converter. Avery Dennison says: “this portfolio can help maximize the understood capabilities and develop the most advance technology likes RFID. RFID label can be applied to supply chain optimization, inventory accuracy and tracking produce.

“Samrt label brings huge opportunity, and correct support converters can bring important breakthrough,” said, Michael Sanders, senior product line director of select and new growth platforms at Avery Dennison.

“However, some complicated technologies like RFID also have huge potential. RFID produce such as NFC inlays which are more and more used to payments and UHF inlays which are generally used to manage and track items. The impact of picking is far more than shelf, it can change logistics and improve client experience by connecting with Internet of Things (IoT) and digital world. We are very glad to achieve the generating potential of converter by smart label.”

“Although it is exciting that the smart label on new business opportunities, converters must make sure the project is practical and cost-effective.” said Sanders.

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