B2 Magstripe Card Simulator Can Replace Physical Card

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Nancy March 20, 2018

Magnetic stripe card is a type of card that can store data by changing the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band of magnetic material of the card.  Magnetic stripe cards are commonly used as credit cards, identity cards, or transportation tickets.

B2 Payment Solutions Inc. (B2), an organization providing the best products and services for payment industry, announced a new B2 Magstripe Card Simulator which need’t physical card due to it is used to simulate magnetic stripe card. This tool as a software application can be used to substitute for payment devices to test and identify hundreds of magnetic stripe cards.

The B2 Magstripe Card Simulator allows users to store XML images of all their test cards in one convenient place by the B2 software application. With the B2 Magstripe Card Simulator, users can reduce the risk of losing cards and their physical card inventory; users can also create their own card images to remove the wait time of receiving a new card. That thanks to expiry date or PAN (primary account number) changes.

Bruce Murray, president of B2, said:“Testing is absolutely necessary to ensure terminals and payment acceptance devices work with magnetic stripe cards. There is still a large number of magnetic stripe cards needed, even in the era where EMV cards are applied widely. For example, fleet cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and dynamic currency conversion cards will continue to be personalized on magnetic stripes – therefor these magnetic stripe cards still work in terminals and devices that accept them.”

The B2 Magstripe Card Simulator application is totally integrated with the UL SmartStripe. Users will have a totally automated process by offering a package solution. They can use the B2 Magstripe Card Simulator to simply select the needed card image and hold or swipe the UL SmartStripe in the slot of a card acceptance device to process a magnetic stripe transaction.

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