Bechtel Company Manages Inventory by Using Drone-based RFID Reader

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Nancy   March 20, 2018

Bechtel, an engineering, procurement and construction company, recently tested a new driverless active RFID reader from Atlas RFID firm to automatically read inventory in warehouses and construction areas. The system includes a 433 MHz RFID reader that is installed on the industrial drone chassis and active RFID tags that are attached to the goods are stored in pipes outside the house.

Many customers use Jovix’s active RFID solutions and standard readers to read the tags in some harsh environments. Some factories are large and there are some heavy equipments in these factories. In some cases, tagged items are installed on rack to make them inaccessible. These companies commonly use hand-held or vehicle-mounted RFID readers. Staff read the unique ID in item’s tag by walking up and down the aisle or through storage and construction areas.

Atlas RFID’s Jovix Material Readiness software is used to read and manage data. The company claims that the system can work with most standard industrial drones, and the collected data can be paired with drone software, therefore users can edit software programs to determine the drone flight mode.

Atlas RFID uses Omni-ID P400 tags to transfer data to readers. Readers determine the location of tags by GPS. The data will be transmitted to cloud-based servers via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The Jovix software platform manages the data and provides user with location information for tagged items on the map of the area.

Currently, Bechtel has used the Jovix system to track the location of approximately 20,000 assets, which are primarily pipelines for LNG facilities. In the past, workers used handheld readers to read tag IDs while the vehicle was in motion.

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