Bicycle Sharing Project Adopts RFID Technology in Bengaluru

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Nancy   2018/01/18

Sharing system is allowed by nation in September 2017 at Bengaluru, there are about 6000 cycles will be offered for hire with docking stations in Central Business District (CBD), which near the bus stations and apartment areas.

When the Department of Urban Land Transport (DULT) the announced the proposal of creating sharing cycle system, they have already request interested companies finish their feasibility reports according to needs before submitting application licence. This project makes companies have to raise fund and expand to all BBMP limited areas. This project will take about 8 billion crore when cabinet approval. Users are interested in renting cycles for a long term have to use RFID cards, it will help them to rent cycle at any docking station in the city.

KT Nagaraj, chief engineer in BBMP, said: “Recently, we build cycle tracks in TenderSure road. We will also build cycle tracks in the 22 kilometer stretch of service lane between KR Puram and Mysore road.”

DULT wrote a project report to plan to make cycles in short distance docking stations equipt with Global Positioning System (GPS) chips. Users can reuse cycles by simply swiping card based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and park cycles on any docking station that they choose.

‘Trin-trin,’ Mysuru’s cycle sharing system which was launched has been a huge success in June last year.The administration decided to fine tune the way in which costs were calculated and more docking stations have been planned besides the 49 already in place in November 2017.

“After the initial success of the project in Bhopal and Mysore, we found an increasing demand in Bengaluru too, which led to the idea. The tenders for bicycles will be finalised by the end of December.” said, N. Murali Krishna, Special Officer, DULT.

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