Bunzl Develops Smaetix App to Upgrade Its Package via NFC

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Nancy   2017/01/09

Smaetix concept that put forward by distribution and outsourcing group Bunzl made major upgrade about its smart package solution, therefore it develops to package interconnection.

According to Benzei, this application extends the Internet of Things (IoT) concept to the packaging industry by using near field communication (NFC) technology that almost every smartphone owned. With this concept, consumers can scan the NFC tag on the package, after which the SmartiX app will get the customer’s personal security order information. The app allows consumers to find orders and product information so they can start a return process, write a review, or talk to a customer service.

In middle of 2018, consumers will be able to pay directly for mobile apps. With Smartix, customers can contact with resellers directly for product information to enhance the purchase experience.

For retailers, the benefits of Smartix app are obvious. Accelerating the return process is one of the most important factors. According to Bunzl, interconnection with consumers via NFC tags enables direct validation and match of returned goods, which is a big step toward automatic processing of return orders and optimization of the logistics process.

Another significant advantage of this means of communication is the ability to personalize the purchase experience. “Consumers find it more and more important to have fast and personalized service, and retailers can deliver the ideal remote experience with the Smartix tag on the package,” said Rob Wennink, general manager of Bunzl. At the same time, the potential of current wireless payment systems can directly offer unquestionable benefits to retailers.

At the AIPIA 2017, Smartix ran a trial at Verzendverpakkingenshop.nl to show the flow of products and the technology behind them.

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