Turck RFID module adds FLC functionality

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Before the SPS IPC Drives 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, Turck expanded the functionality of the TBEN-S-RFID compact Ethernet / RFID interface. The block I / O modules are available in IP 67 degree of protection and now have a free firmware update for the new license-free AGREE programming environment. This on-site logic controller function (FLC) enables customers to directly execute less sophisticated control tasks on this block I / O module for distributed processing. This helps to reduce the load on the CPU, leaving only the relevant data to be transmitted. TBEN-S-RFID can also be easily associated with a PLC system without the aid of special function blocks.

Another new feature is the auto-addressing of HF-RFID read / write heads that support bus functions. The read / write head address can be easily activated in the parameters of the data interface. This saves users a lot of time compared to traditional methods because they can connect and automatically read and write heads one by one. With TBEN-S-RFID, you can also use web server / PACTware to set and query the bus address of the HF read / write head that supports bus functions. With this method, the user can check that the bus mode is correctly started without the need for an interface converter.

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