Canada uses the cannabis blockchain to legalize cannabis

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According to the “La Figaro” reported at April 20th that the Canadian health minister Jane said, the government will submit a draft law to control and legalize cannabis in the spring of 2017. The Canadian government has also developed a regulatory framework for legalizing the cannabis industry. According to an official statement, it plans to legalize non-medical marijuana by July 2018.

A cutting-edge company called Greenblock will be equipped with a personal virtual assistant to operate with blockchains, to facilitate the management and traceability of products in the supply chain. Each type of marijuana has a different impact on the human body, and the blockchain is the perfect technique for tracking pressure from test to market.

Enhanced traceability appears at a critical juncture when government regulations are becoming more stringent, requiring RFID tags and numbering to be distributed to every batch of young plants. The Greenblock database will enable industry participants to quickly comply with these requirements and provide real-time monitoring to the authorities, regardless of their location. Tags and serial numbers will contain important information, such as the number of plants, strain, location, expected use, and propagation methods used in each stage.

Recently, cannabis was legalized at the federal level. With the expansion of the cannabis industry, a large number of cannabis blockchain platforms may become more popular, and RFID technology is essential.


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