Carwash Industry will Combine RFID Technology with Their Loyalty Plans

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Nancy    March 26, 2018

Currently, Professional Carwashing&Detailing emphasizes the benefits of achieving monthly membership plans, which include the fact that it’s becoming a standard, it reduces client acquisition costs (and your marketing budget) and the technology combining RFID readers and your point-of-sale (POS) system makes the work really effortless on your part, because the technology does it all.

Today, time is one of the pressing factors in a client’s life. So that, in recent years, speed always is a target that drives carwash industry. The target of more and more carwash companies become a standard that a number of cars are washed per hour.

Therefore, companies must find a way to simplify the washing process. The one way they can adopt is combining RFID technology with loyalty plan. Whatever RFID reader is located in member only lane or all toll lanes, there is no doubt, RFID technology is the fastest way for member to pass through the lane. If RFID label (commonly is a sticker attached to windshield) is fixed correctly, clients just need to drive their cars to payment terminal. Then RFID reader will communicate with RFID label, it will allow car pass through, and sent single to wash package about member qualification at the same time.

We can image that if without RFID technology, the time that client spent will be longer. Workers need time to come out and make sure client’s car matches with plate. Clients will worry about a delay because of wrong data.

“This situation don’t happen with using RFID labels. When RFID labels are installed properly, they have a 99.5 percent accurate read rate.” said Todd Davy, director of sales at DRB Systems.

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