Carwash shop uses RFID technology to enhance customer experience

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Today, time is one of the most pressing factors in customer life. For this reason, speed has been the driving goal of the car wash industry in recent years. The goal of more and more carwashes is to wash a certain number of vehicles per hour. As long as the quality of the car wash does not decrease, the question becomes: How quickly can we get one customer back on the road and let another customer into the wash area?

With this in mind, you must look for any way to simplify your cleaning process. One way you can do is to use RFID with your loyalty program, assuming you have one. Whether you have a dedicated “Membership Track” or put an RFID reader on all your pay lanes, there is no doubt that RFID is the fastest option for your loyal members to enter the car wash area. Typically RFID tags – now generally attached to the windshield, the car only needs to drive to the payment terminal, communicate with the tag and pass the car through the RFID reader, and signal the car wash to the wash bag associated with the member.

Of course, car wash owners have another option, that is, the license plate reader. However, Davy said that although the prospects for license plate readers are promising, in reality, some systems on the market are not very reliable. Imagine that a card reader failed to read the information on the member’s license plate. Not only must you consider the time it takes for employees to come out, but also confirm that the license plate does match the relevant member account and let the car pass, but also consider how such interaction can affect the customer experience. The customer did not go to the car quickly and smoothly, but was mistakenly read. According to Davy, this is not a concern for RFID tags because they can achieve an accurate read rate of 99.5% when properly installed. In order to reduce reading failure, the label should be attached to the car by a trained car wash attendant.

In the past, old forms of tags or stickers made them more vulnerable to theft. Sometimes the tag is placed under the bumper of the car or hung on the rearview mirror. Such placement not only leads to complete theft, but also leads to theft in different ways: the user passes the label and allows multiple cars to use the same account. Such placement can lead to theft in many ways. These issues are no longer an issue today. In the case of RFID tags, the standard for car washing is to use stickers attached to the windshield of the car. These stickers do not fall off; some even have gaps or perforations to help tear off the label when the label is pulled down.

According to Kevin McLoughlin, senior sales consultant at Washify, “Some RFID tags contain chips inside the tag. So if someone tries to remove the tag for others and the chip is broken, the tag will automatically fail, useless.”

If you have any concerns about using RFID tags for loyalty programs, please be assured. With its high-accuracy read rate and security measures, RFID ensures a safe and streamlined cleaning process.

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