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Brand protection with RFID

Sketching the web pages Web design is simply the art of planning as well as creating websites. The creation includes user interface, information creation and navigation.

Introduction to metal cards

Effie   2017/10/24 Introduction to metal cards Metal cards, as the name shown,is made of metals, commonly used metal mainly are brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., using a variety…

IC card Applications:

effie 2017/10/10 What is IC card? IC card is the integrated circuit card, is a new type of information tool that appears after the magnetic card. IC card in some…

The comparison between IC card and magnetic card:

effie 2017/09/30 The shape of IC card is similar to magnetic card,the difference between them is the data storage media. The magnetic card stores information by changing the magnetic field…


Characteristics and applications of magnetic stripe CARDS

effie  2017/09/09 As we know, the technology of “magstripes” has been around for a very long time, magnetic stripe card has been widely used in our daily life. Although we are…

The New Computer Age: Software as a Service Now

Word on-line, Excel on-line and Power Point on-line are just such services. They are available to all who want them, they are free, if taken via One Drive Live