CBP Uses RFID Technology to Speed up Border Crossing

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With peak summer travel season coming, there are more extra traffic lines opened at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Laredo Field Office. They encourage travellers to gain travelling permit and join the trusted traveller plan to short wait times.

U.S. CBP works with the local officials in Laredo, Texas, to build mobile processing centre that is able to distribute I-94 permit. And the Laredo Field Office will offer front-of-line privileges to travellers who electronically submit I-94 applications and obtain provisional I-94 permit receipts online.

David Higgerson, the director of field operations at the Laredo Field Office, said: “Our ports of entry are always holding promotion activities to introduce a variety of reliable traveller plans and build mobile I-94 stations with local partners. These measures encourage travellers to gain I-94 as soon as possible and help join SENTRI and those files with radio-frequency identification (RFID) function to simplify the measures by using Ready Lines.”

Travel documents such as resident alien cards, passports and newer border crossing cards are equipped with RFID technology, this is able to use Ready Line for travellers. Having RFID files and travel documents in advance can speed up border crossing process.

CBP will broadcast all related files and upgraded travelling tips through AM 1610 in Brownsville and Laredo. Travellers can also download the Border Wait Times application to plan their trips during lower-volume times or choose shorter waiting time. Besides, CBP will monitor traffic volumes at international bridges and open extra lines when need.

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