Checkpoint Systems Releases New RFID Solution

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At recent, Checkpoint Systems has released InterACT which is a range of interactive solutions that utilize data collected from RFID-tagged merchandise. Checkpoint Systems is a supplier of RFID platforms and electronic article surveillance (EAS).

While many retailers mainly use RFID technology to improve inventory accuracy, InterACT enables retailers to provide additional information and recommendations about a product for customers by using RFID-based inventory data.

Combining touchscreens, when an RFID tag approaches, InterACT solutions can sense it and provides shoppers with information about the product, as well as which other similar types of clothing are available in the store. InterACT enables shoppers to find additional items that complement their potential purchase in physical stores, therefore, it increases sales potential.

For instance, apparel stores can use the solution similarly to know how they use mannequins today. The mirror option enables shoppers not only to see what an item of clothing will look like when worn; it also can display different combinations of merchandise and guide shoppers to product locations. Clients can know more information about items, they will choose the product that they truly want. At the same time, it will improve the sales.

Checkpoint Systems has developed a store associate version to provide staff with a mobile solution,  it aims to deliver more product and accessory information to clients.

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