Child Pilgrims Sabarimala to Saty Safe with Vodafone RFID Tags

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Nancy   2017/12/8

Vodafone RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags will protact the children pilgrims under 14 years old. Untill children pilgrims return to Pamba from Sannidhanam, the RFID tags will be hung on their neck at Pamba to sure that tacking their movements and loacation. This plan not only will help decrease the number of lost children during the annual Sabarimala yatra, but also free up Kerala Police time to pay attention to more important case.

On Dec 08,the Vodafone RFID tags plan was carried out at a function on Pamba, Pathanamthitta in the presence of Ajit Chaturvedi, Business Head- Kerala, Vodafone India by Dr. S. Sateesh Bino, District Police Chief, Pathanamthitta, and Karuppasamy, Special Officer Pamba.

If the families travelling to Sabarimala with children under 14 years old want to get the right of this service, they have to visit the Kerala State Police office at Pamba and register their imformations. After registering, each child will get a Vodafone RFID tag. There are child’s name, guardian’s names, contact number and relevant details in the tag.

In case of getting lost in the crowd, RFID tag well simplify monitoring of child pilgrims and help child pilgrims get quick reunion with his/her families. The lost child would be too scary to tell the imformation about himself and his parents to the police officials. Thus, the RFID tag palys an important role in the inquiry. When a child pilgrim hanging an RFID tag wander in the crowd, police officials finding him would take him to the control room. The location of the child will be passed to the mobile number registered in the card when Vodafone RFID reader reads the RFID tag.

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