China will Adopt RFID Technology to Track Vehicles

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China is definitely upping its game when it comes to state surveillance. The police in the country have been using smart glasses that offers facial recognition technology to arrest of wanted suspects. Now, it seems that China will start installing RFID tags on vehicles in July.

According to the Wall Street Journal, China begins to adopt RFID technology to track and monitor new vehicles. All new vehicles must be installed with RFID tags that enable the government to know the locations of them.

When drivers register, the system will record their information such as the color of the vehicle and license plates. The government will install RFID readers on the roadside when the cars pass by the readers, it will collect the data from the tag on the cars and send the data to the Ministry of Public Security.

With annual vehicle sales of about 30 million, it’s easy to find that this kind of data collection could become problematic for the people of China, especially when combined with data gathered from the government’s vast array of recognition technology and facial security cameras, as well as internet monitoring.

Compared to using security cameras to track the car’s license plates, it’s more reliable to track vehicles by using RFID technology. Also thanks to China’s smog problem, it makes it hard for security cameras to track license plates due to the poor visibility. China states that this move will help increase security and also potentially help reduce congestion. In fact, this means that the government can keep monitor you at all times.

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