China’s vaccine incident has brought attention to traceability of medicine

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The industry said that the vaccine incident continues to ferment, the industry reform is imminent, and vaccine safety and related industries such as vaccine detection and traceability are concerned. Vaccine safety can’t hope to “Better late than never”, and it is not the result that the people want to get. So how to prevent it, how to cure is our primary obstacle.

RFID technology in the Internet of things can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals. It can not only realize automatic recognition and fast reading and writing of the identified objects, but also identify multiple tags and high-speed moving labels at the same time. In the vaccine production information management system, the reader is used to collect all the electronic tags attached to the vaccine production packaging box, and the collected electronic tag information is stored in the computer information system. Through the Internet of things technology, the RFID tagged vaccine packaging box can be tracked everywhere.

The application of RFID tags enables vaccine manufacturers to establish a unique EPC code in each package. When the vaccine is out of stock, those with RFID tags will be tracked to ensure the logistics, storage and vaccination of the vaccine in the distribution process can be monitored. RFID will curb the emergence of fake and inferior vaccines, prevent the loss of vaccines, speed up the turnover of vaccine inventory, and speed up the recall of vaccines. The use of RFID technology in logistics link, to the vaccine cold chain transport in the process of storage temperature, transportation vehicles, vehicle location and time information such as records, will record information through GPRS wireless communication or car the local database of cable network and logistics company communication, can make the vaccine production, logistics, warehousing, vaccination four links of interlocking, every link problems can timely find out the source.

The new generation of RFID tags has been integrated with sensors, not only for post-tracking, but also for management in the cold chain process, and is one of the important means of managing vaccine problems. Vaccine events may accelerate the use of RFID in vaccines. According to the agency’s forecast, the RFID industry’s global RFID shipments will reach 6 billion in 2016, close to the market value of 400 million US dollars. The RFID industry will grow exponentially in the future.

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