Clothing brand Superdry will also enter the RFID era

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Superdry will launch RFID technology this financial year after the company successfully piloted five stores in the UK.

The retailer said the technology which helps to manage its in-store inventory had provided “significant operational benefits” as well as digital marketing opportunities and brand protection. It also helped store staff reducing in-store labour.

Superdry also said that more technology will be introduced into its stores to “free the clerk’s time to serve customers.” This includes a mobile point-of-sale (POS) system that will allow employees to drive sales and access real-time inventory.

The fashion retailer hopes to experiment with more digital storage formats in the coming year and plans to take customer preferences into account while analyzing the benefits of digital technology compared to traditional store layouts.

“Superdry has experienced another strong year and has enhanced our position as a global digital brand in a multi-channel manner,” said Superdry CEO Euan Sutherland. “We have achieved a strategy in terms of implementation. Good progress has significantly strengthened our platform and capabilities while achieving another double-digit growth in sales and profitability.”

“Our focus remains on implementing our growth strategy to realize the potential we find in products, regions and channels.” Superdry is a brand that stands for quality, design, value for money and continuous innovation. The innovative approach to digital marketing means they can enhance the brand’s connections with consumers around the world.

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