Clothing companies such as Zara, H&M and luxury brand Prada have all used RFID technology successively

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The garment industry is an industry integrating R&D, design, production and sales, which has cost a lot of manpower and financial resources.In the past, data was rarely used or used in this area, mainly because collection of the standardized data was difficult.However, with the introduction of RFID chips into clothing, now it is possible to track how often clothes are worn, purchased and processed.It can effectively reduce the cost of human resources, so as to reduce the cost of capital and greatly improve its work efficiency.

Amount of foreign clothing companies have introduced RFID technology, among which ZARA Spain headquarters through the RFID information system, stores around the world closely control information.Branch manager in daily work with a customized handheld legibility PDA patrol in the shop, the read/write device built-in standards of ZARA’s headquarters orders of PDA systems and products such as module, can help the manager keep the fastest information communication with headquarters in Spain.

Domestic fashion brand inman announced the formal application of RFID technology on May 5 th.Inman implanted each new product with an RFID chip smaller than a grain of rice and less visible to the naked eye. Each piece of clothing has a unique code.When consumers pick up the clothes into the fitting area, the RFID chip information on equipment read into clothes,and the images of clothes, online product descriptions and buyer reviews can be displayed on the screen , also can realize self-help payment.

The use of RFID technology in clothing can make every link of the clothing industry more automatic, meticulous and personalized.Also bring different shopping experience to consumers.

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