Cmmuters Can Hitchhike If There Are RFID Tags in Their Cars on Highways in India

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Nancy   2017/12/27

Do you have a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) or smart tag in your car? If yes, you can hitchhike in highway. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is planning to add a new standard in its existing rules. The standard is that commuters can hitchhike, if the smart tag scanner can’t work in toll plaza. When the scanner can’t work because of any fault of the sysytem, commuters are allowed to hitchhike if there are RFID or smart tags in their cars and enough balance to pay the toll charge through this way. In term of Times of India, it is a standard of all new contract, but NHAI will add this standard in existing contract after modifying rules.

When talking about the new standard, a NHAI official said that we already submitted a proposal to highways ministry to require revamp exsting toll standard. This official noted: “The system will start working, if all the lanes are equipped with electronic tags. This standard is suitable for extending NHAI or building toll plazas. We will start signing ancillary agreements with private businesses that are operating the BOT projects.”

At present, the smart scanners are installed on each side of the 414 toll plazas and they can identify the RFID tags. Besides, all lanes at 110 plazas have been equipped with this system. The NHAI efforts towards upgrading all the lanes of the other toll plazas to read RFID tags and process them. The NHAI is likely to complete the whole upgrading system in the next three months. Another official said, “Why should the commuter be made to pay and face trouble for mistake on the part of the toll collector when he or she has already got the RFID tag and pay in advance for a smooth drive?”

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