Combining IoT with WiFi Enables to Track Container Easily

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Here Technology and Sigfox have a partnership to deploy global location service. They hope they can create a new chance for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications, especially in logistics and supply chain.

By combining the WiFi hotspots from Here Technology with Sigfox global network and geolocation engine, clients and industries can track their asset wherever is indoor (including warehouse, factory and other inner of buildings) or outdoor.

According to the largest logistics supplier Cisco and DHL, using IoT asset tracking solution in the logistics and supply chain can create 1.9 trillion dollars of economic value. However, current Real Time Location Services (RTLS) solution is not always working, thanks to the limitation of short battery life and high cost. According to Sigfox and Here Technology, the new partnership can offer a chance to track asset for companies that can’t offer geolocation services.

The system is used to locate container and other applications like air transport, luggage/trolley management, the location of lost or stolen cars and industrial asset management.

Christophe Hamaide, customer manager of Here Technology, said: “Here Location Suite uses 1 billion WiFi hotspots, we can locate millions of the place of connected objects in the coming years through this measure.”

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