Powerful NFC – Serve as a Bank Card

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Emma   2017/11/30

What is NFC?


NFC, Near-field communication, which is rooted in radio-frequency identification technology (known as RFID) which allows compatible hardware to both supply power to and communicate with an otherwise unpowered and passive electronic tag using radio waves. This is used for identification, authentication and tracking. It is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a separation of 10 cm or less.

Around 2012, NFC was put to use in many flagship mobile type, such as Samsung Note 2, Nokia Lumia 920. It doesn’t take too much stretch of the imagination to realize that NFC is the trend.

The patterns of NFC

1.Card Mode

Amounting to a IC card with RFID technology, it is very convenient to use the phone built-in NFC by binding your bank or bus card.

2.Peer-to-peer Mode

Applied to exchange data, it can be used to transmit data in peer-to-peer modes exactly as the Bluetooth. While there is limitation in distance and speed.

3.Read/Write Mode

As the name suggests, It cam read and write the cards.

At present, most flagship mobiles are equipped with NFC. Full-function NFC is available for MIUI, HUAWEI, NUBIYA and so on. With that you can use your phone as a bus card. While Samsung can only be used for payment for now.

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