Controlling Music by Combining RFID Technology with Google Home

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Nancy March 29, 2018

Will you control your music by printing and making dozens of cards with RFID labels? Hoveeman, a man in GitHub and YouTube, is busy to listening music of Pet Sounds and Trolls in customized whole-home RFID control system that he made.

There are RFID cards placed on table, each card stands for some songs in his favorite music album. Hoveeman connects RFID reader with Raspberry Pi Zero and hides them in the side of table. If you want to listen music, just get a card with RFID label and tap on the side of table. Then, RFID reader will send the order to Raspberry Pi computer to indicate a set of Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices to play a specific artist-themed playlist.

Hoveeman posts all the things on GitHub, including the device list he used. What’s even better than that: in fact, it is a branch of a similar project several years ago, it aims to control Spotify via RFID.

Therefore, if you can suffer the pain in the beginning, you can put the RFID reader where you sit normally. It can really help you listen some specific songs. You can find all details of this project in GitHub page and start building your own setup.

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