Customers Needn’t Line up in A Bar with NFC Technology

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Nancy   2018/01/04

Because of the new phone-based ordering service that created by innovative Newtownards entrepreneur Bryan Greig, the long night queuing may become a thing of the past in bar quickly.

Bryan graduated from Westminster College in Pennsylvania, USA. He just created ‘Guzzl’ into the first Belfast establishment – Love and Death. He is top 100 of 50,000 university students in the Global Business Strategy Simulation programme and he awards the David Edwards Business Plan Scholarship in the US.

Guzzl is a sticker-cum-table stand. There is a special microchip in it. Clients can order without leaving their seat by it. Clients just need to take photoes of it on Snapchat of cellphone or click NFC phone against it.

He says, “The key sale point is clients needn’t download any app. Guzzl adopts contactless technology (NFC), allowing clients order drinks from their table derictly. The menu is sent to their cellphones, then, they can order and pay for drinks with their bank card details. After this, the bar workers will receive their orders on a tablet device. When the drinks are already, workers will sent a message and the drinks to their tables. Either way, clients can chat and be relaxed all night, rather than waving a tenner at the bartender to get his or her attention in a crowd at the bar.”

The idea evolved one night while out with friends at a busy Belfast beer garden when no-one wanted to get up from the comfort of the heated lamps to make their way through the crowds to the bar.

Bryan adds, “There was some investment needed in terms of hardware and we had a few long hours and sleepless nights before we came up with a rough prototype which recently went on trial in Horatio Todd’s restaurants and bars in Ballyhackamore, east Belfast. My best schoolmate, Jordan Carroll, has been heavily involved in the project and we are delighted with the feedback so far. There are three benefits: first, being able to pay securely using a debit or credit card; second, all transactions are encrypted to ensure complete protection and privacy; third, bar owners gain from increased sales and efficiency.”

He says that the next step is giving the Guzzl treatment to food orders as well as drinks, with the “final target” to partner with stadiums for sporting events and major concerts.


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