Datalogic launched long-distance UHF RFID entrance card reader

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Effie   2017/11/8

Datalogic, automatic data capture and industrial automation solutions provider, has announced the release of the DLR – PR001 RFID entry card reader to assist the deployment of application of RFID in retail and storage.  According to the Datalogic, there are several investigation and customer consultation during the development process of the DLR – PR001.

Using embedded computer with running LINUX operating system, the entrance card reader can simplify the custom software and solution development. Its onboard computing ability and connectivity eliminates the need for external PC and related cable.The device can be connected directly to the antenna or the multiplexer, which can connect up to 16 antenna.

Handheld and fixed Datalogic scanning product marketing director, Nick Tabet said in a statement: “the DLR – PR001 card reader can meet the requirements of a particular user.DLR – PR001 portal is a series of new products of Datalogic RFID reader , this product line including the DLR BT001 bluetooth mini card reader, the DLR TL001 temperature recorder and the DLR – DK001 desktop/wall card reader.”

The company said, the DLR – PR001 RFID entrance card reader is suitable for the warehouse, automatic doors and in-store warehouse applications.This device  collected data from a variety of sources, including smart card reader and barcode scanners. At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with an optional GPRS modem.

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