Datamars Launches New Animal RFID Microchip

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Nancy   2018/03/05

As a pioneer in electronic identification from companion animals to horses, Datamars Switzerland plays an important role in the development of the ISO standards 11784 and 11785 for animal identification. Datamars provides deep insight into the problems associated with animal identification in all regions of the world and factors impact these problems like climate, legislation, culture, economic development and so on.

Datamars’ animal identification products include glass-encapsulated and polymer-encapsulated RFID microchip and a variety of microchip scanners designed to meet the unique needs of animal identification, clinical veterinarians and animal control personnel involved in the investigation and study of seizures.

The Datamars animal identification microchips has glass-based transponders measuring just 13.3mm (length) x 2.12mm (diameter) for full-duplex (FDX-B) products and as small as 10.9 x 1.6 mm Micro-chip can provide. There are a wireless coil and a microchip in transponder. The chip does not require a battery and contains a unique, non-erasable radio frequency identification (RFID) number.

No matter where, this RFID number can not be changed, it is only one in the world and can always be read. Without contact, an RFID reader can read a unique identifier over a short distance. The unique identifier is registered in the (mainly country-specific) database with the animal and owner data. The database provides a unified service (online, call center, etc.) to prevent the animals from being lost.

More and more countries are now identifying animals through electronic registration. Because microchip is permanent, unique, can not be forged or removed. In fact, it is recognized as the most reliable and effective way to identify animals.

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