Sensing released MODBUS protocol RFID AGV site reader

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joom   2017/11/08

Recently, a new product, ETAG-R320, was released for AGV RFID Reader and Reader Series, which uses standard industrial MODBUS protocol to realize data communication with PC, PLC, single-chip computer and so on used in industrial environment.

From the parameters of view, ETAG-R320 belongs to the 13.56MHz high-frequency band, the product fills the vacancy in the high frequency of the AGV RFID reader and improves the whole AGV RFID product line.
In addition, as the first MODBUS protocol AGV site reader, R320 can support the fastest 2m / s AGV car use, anti-read, read speed reached 20ms (can be set), to ensure that no leak card, Leakproof reading; reading distance up to 10cm (standard white card test up to 17cm).
Technical parameters show that the ETAG-R320 has IP64 high degree of protection, passed the 1.5-meter free fall test, suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. 80 * 80 * 40mm product size, with four Φ5.5mm mounting holes, easy to install, not easy to fall off.

According to the project team, the current shipment of ETAG-R320 is very satisfactory. Many new and old partners have successively consulted and purchased. ETAG-R320 will be used in AGV automatic feeding station management and AGV feeding robot positioning and other fields.


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