DROPMIX Music Game Combines with NFC Technology

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Nancy   2018/01/08

NXP, the inventor of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, is pleased to announce its partnership with global gaming and entertainment company Hasbro and video game developer Harmonix Music Systems to combine NFC technology with DROPMIX game.

The physical cards used in the DROPMIX games were jointly developed by Paragon ID (groundbreaking manufacturing method developed by NXP). With the dual experience of both physical games and digital games, players can explore new music in new ways with their favorite musicians and works. Players just need to download the free App, connect the mobile terminal to the game board, and place the card with the NFC chip in the mix groove, then the game board immediately begins playing the corresponding part of the song recorded by the card (bass, beat, loop or vocals), users can create unique mix effects. The game board can read up to five DROPMIX cards at one time, and proprietary software for mobile applications seamlessly matches the music stored on all cards.

Brian Chapman, head of design and development at Hasbro, said: “NXP is the inventor and market leader in NFC technology, and Hasbro previously considered introducing NFC technology to its products in the hope of bringing this completely new interactive experience in the DROPMIX games. Naturally with this company has established a partnership. ”

DROPMIX cards bring together popular music from around the world in a variety of styles, including pop, rhythm and blues, dance music, indie music, country music, rock and hip hop, players can match the music in unexpected ways. NXP’s complete end-to-end NFC solution, which includes both the NFC reader and the chip, is at the core of the game. This technology is the key lies in the game board’s ability to read cards quickly and reliably.

Rafael Sotomayor, NXP’s vice president and general manager of secure transaction and identity services, said: “This new use case of NFC gives NXP more confidence to bring this technology to every corner of the globe and we see that this technology from other familiar applications such as smart phones and smart cards, we are gradually entering other areas such as smart toys, smart clothing, and consumer interaction for smart packaging, etc. NXP’s team has expertise in NFC readers and tag IC and meanwhile simplifies development integration so that entertainment companies, manufacturers, or professional service providers can easily provide users with a secure, intuitive, ‘touch-and-connect’ interactive experience in an increasingly interconnected world. ”

Bertrand Brault, vice president of marketing and business development at Paragon ID, said: “NFC technology is gaining ground in the gaming arena and game makers are now reaping the benefits of NFC technology. NXP has been a key technology leader for a long time, and success both of us to develope DROPMIX music game, fully demonstrates our cooperation concept, but also reflects the innovative potential of NFC technology.”


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