Ebara Corporation Introduces A Water Pump with NFC Technology

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Ebara Corporation, an industry device manufacturer with more than 100 years of history in Japan, producing devices including pumps. The company also introduced a water pump with high technologies such as Near-field communication (NFC) technology.

At Ebara’s factory in Fujisawa, it produces pumps that can be used to a variety of places, including office buildings, condominiums and factories in Japan and other countries. Visitors can have a look at the exhibition corner, they can find that Ebara has production bases in many countries worldwide. With such a long history, Ebara continues to introduce new pumps using advanced technology.

So what is NFC? NFC is a type of short distance wireless technology, communicating between devices in distance of less than 10 cm. There are NFC-enabled systems in a variety of places like the staff canteens and office door in the office of Ebara. NFC system has very familiar presence surrounding the office environment.

Ebara also tries to introduce NFC system for its products and announce that it will produce water pumps with NFC system for the market. The new NFC-enabled water pump is not only introduced in Japan but also overseas. In the near future, it’s expected to offer more convenient functions for the whole world. With the long-term of development efforts and adopting advanced technology, Ebara devotes itself to improve lives in countries around the world.

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