Enhance customer experience with RFID wristband tickets

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Despite the increasing number of online social activities, people will enthusiastically participate in offline activities, such as concerts at various venues and venues. Includes many festivals around the world such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Rock in Rio and Glastonbury. According to Billboard, at least 32 million American music lovers participate in music events and music festivals every year. Nearly half of them are millennials.

Now that fares are rising, the promoters of the concert realize that they have to do more to create an unforgettable experience. Front Gate Tickets used ground-breaking technology to complete groundbreaking work. Their RFID wristband tickets changed the experience of music festivals and concerts. Many brands now want to be part of innovation.

When it comes to event ticketing, the experience before and after the RFID wristband ticket is completely different. Prior to this, customers must purchase tickets in person, by phone or online. They will get a paper ticket. Then they have to carry those tickets with them.

For modern people’s faster and faster life, paper tickets are inconvenient, especially when the audience realizes that technology can change the entire event experience. For sponsors and brand partners, it may take a little space to place the logo, but nothing else.

In order to improve the safety of the festival and the overall experience of the audience, Front Gate Tickets integrates RFID technology into its platform. RFID wristbands have succeeded in making life easier for fans. Just tap their wristbands and the audience can enter the event as quickly as possible to get a safe way to buy food and merchandise.

This new technology also changes what brands can do when they bring their activities to market. First, it provides a complete experience for brand activation. Second, the brand receives relevant data after a meaningful event. The results also show that people who participate in the festival feel that the technology is easier to use. Fans buy 20% more when using cashless RFID payments than traditional payment methods. Gibson added, “We also found that on-site cash use was reduced by 51%. The registered user usage rate is 100%. This shows that fans like it and use it as the main payment method.

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